Door, hardware, locksmith and security products and services

We’ve been providing the best quality door hardware, bathroom hardware, security products and door and locksmithing services to everyday people, the construction industry, and Government sectors for more than 50 years.

Whether you need a locksmith, a car key, security camera installation (or any other type of residential or executive security solution), John Barnes can assist you.

The John Barnes Team

We can help in just about anything to do with doors, locks, home security, locksmithing and hardware

We offer a huge range of high-quality hardware, craft and services at John Barnes. What this means for you is having the convenience of having one company for all your security and hardware needs.

Our services, craft and product range includes:

Lockwood lock


Door Hardware

  • Door handles
  • Door locks
  • Door closers
  • Fire door hardware
  • Door handle, lock, closer and fire door hardware supply

Timber doors & metal frames

  • Pressed metal frames
  • Timber doors
  • Door Hardware
  • Timber Door supply

Bathroom Hardware

  • Bathroom accessories and hardware(hand dryers, grab rails, toilet roll holders)
  • Bathroom fixtures

Trade sales

  • Construction industry products
  • Expert advice to the trade industry

Security Supplies

  • Traditional security hardware
  • Electronic security hardware (CCTV, intercom, swipe card systems, electronic locks, etc)
  • Door locks, window locks and other home security products
  • Security doors and products


Estimating & Schedule Writing

  • Tender packages
  • Security and door hardware installation
  • Security and door hardware supply
  • Estimating for project developers, builders, and contractors
  • Schedule writing

Hardware installation services

  • Installations for trades, projects, builders and contractors
  • Security door installation
  • Security lock installation
  • Security product installation
  • Timber door installation
  • Installation of door handles, locks, closers and accessories
  • Installation of fire doors


Services and products backed by 50 years experience

We’ve had over 50 years to perfect our craft, services and product range. This gives us the ability to provide answers to any problem, and offer quality services, products and solutions for anything and everything from door hardware and locksmithing solutions to site surveys and security advice.

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Only the best quality equipment and hardware

We sell all the best products from reputable brands at John Barnes, and we ensure the best quality service, advice and workmanship from our experienced team.

More about what we do

Want to know more about each of our product and service categories?

  • Door Hardware

    John Barnes is a highly regarded door hardware supplier throughout Australia. We can supply a huge range of door hardware, from door handles, door knobs, strike plate pieces, door locks, door closers, door levers, door seals & window seals, door latches and so much more.

    We can also complete any door hardware installation, from door handle installation to door fixtures installation to the door itself.

    For fire safety door requirements, we supply and install fire doors. We have a huge range of door hardware that is SCEC-approved, Fire rated and DDA compliant.

  • Timber Doors & Metal Frames

    John Barnes can supply pressed metal frames, and supply and install timber doors and door hardware for projects of any size.

    Our door hardware installation and supply services are focused on quality, with only the best products and best installation workmanship on offer.

  • Bathroom Hardware

    We can access and install a variety of reputable commercial bathroom accessories and fixtures.

    We can supply and complete hardware installation for a huge range of bathroom products and fixtures, including hand dryers, grab rails, shower seats, shelves, hooks and broom racks, shower tracks, shower accessories, soap dispensers, change tables, towel rails, paper towel dispensers, and toilet roll holders and dispensers.

    Like any of our hardware and installation services, we offer quality products for a great price.

  • Estimating & Schedule Writing

    Our expert Estimating team can liaise with project developers, builders and contractors to organise everything from tender packages to the supply and installation of security and door hardware.

    We can liaise with developers, designers, builders and contractors to review your project documentation, determine your hardware requirements, and prepare schedules for the supply and installation of that hardware.

  • Security Supplies & Installation

    Whether you have a broken door lock or need help installing your security hardware or timber doors, John Barnes licensed professionals are here to help.

    We offer full security solutions, including the supply and installation of security doors and electronic security hardware, lock installation and supply, and other security products.

  • Trade Sales

    John Barnes Trade Sales provides expert advice and a full range of quality products to the construction industry.

    We even offer full trade packages for door hardware, giving you everything you need at a great price, including:

    • Hardware supply
    • Hardware installation
    • Door supply and install
    • Door handle installation, door lock installation, and door fixtures installation
    • Metal frame supply
    • Access control system supply and install
    • Master key system supply and install

Leading hardware installation services

We provide excellent workmanship on every hardware installation we complete, whether that’s a lock installation, door handle installation, door fixtures installation or any other install service.

If you have a door, lock, latch, security system, new door knob, door handle, striker plate, fire door, bathroom fixture, or any other piece of related hardware that needs to be installed, our installation team can ensure it’s done right.

We install just about anything to do with locks, doors and related hardware. As a leading supplier of hardware, locks, doors, fixtures and accessories, our hardware installation services are here to make your life even easier.

Give us a call to learn more about our hardware installation services today.

The convenience of all the parts and hardware, in one place

At John Barnes, we offer quality hardware, doors, and security supplies, and hardware installation services, in one place. This means unparalleled convenience for you.

Get in touch with us today about what you need for your next project.

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