Cracking the Code: Is New Always Better?


When the time comes to purchase a safe, second-hand or refurbished safes are generally overlooked, but they are a great option to keep your family’s or business’s valuables secure.

Recently, we spoke with one of our safe technicians about the ins and outs of refurbished safes and here is what they had to say.

    1. Where do we source safes to be refurbished?
      We get a lot of our safes from ex-government departments, police stations and banks so they are almost always in a great condition. It is also common for us to get requests from new leaseholders that take over commercial tenancies as well as homebuyers that may not have a need for the size safe that came with the premises.
    2. Why do we refurbish safes?
      There is just something special about bringing a century’s old safe back to life, but refurbishing safes give us great opportunities to teach the next generation of locksmiths. No safe is the same so, gaining entry to and servicing them can be vastly different depending on the type and what it is used for. It allows our apprentices to experience situations they may not encounter otherwise. On top of that, it keeps the safes out of landfill, which can take years to break down if not disposed of correctly. It is also a great way for our customers to save money as it can be much cheaper to have a new lock installed or the bolts serviced than to buy a new one. When looked after correctly with a little TLC, a safe can keep your belongings secure for a lifetime.
    3. How do we refurbish safes?
      Depending on the condition and quality, and age of the safe, some may be sand blasted, some sanded back and repainted inside and out. Usually, new locks are installed, and all the bolt work is fully serviced. Most of the safes we source are quality safes that have been well maintained, meaning we can offer great quality at a very reasonable price.
    4. What are the benefits of a refurbished safe?
      Buying a refurbished safe allows you to get a quality safe for less than half the price of a new safe. A refurbished safe can also hold its value better than a new safe (if it is well maintained) meaning the depreciation value will be less, and if you choose to upgrade or trade in your safe you can end up saving a lot of money
    5. Do the refurbished safes come with any warranty?
      This is a very common question and is probably one of the biggest concerns when buying a second hand safe. In short yes. All our refurbished safes come with a 1-year warranty on the safe and the manufacturer’s warranty on lock.
    6. One tip you would share when purchasing a second-hand safe?
      For peace of mind always do you research. Know what type of safe you are looking for and always buy from a trusted reputable reseller.


If you’re ready to purchase a safe, or even upgrade your existing safe, view our range online or come down and visit us today.