After founding John Barnes Projects in 2005 and acquiring Mclaren’s Door Hardware in 2009, our company’s service and scope grew considerably. As a result, we can continue to provide clients and customers with high-quality workmanship with the added benefit of offering access to a wide range of security products and solutions.

John Barnes Projects


John Barnes Projects Pty Ltd was established on 1st July 2005 to enhance our original hardware supply. This decision gave us an enhanced ability to supply and install door hardware and install timber doors. The introduction of this service also allowed us to control and eliminate problems, such as missing hardware from building sites and the incorrect installation of door hardware.

John Barnes Projects provides overall project management from estimating to procurement, delivery and installation. Services include:

  • Manages projects from procurement to certification to suit builders’ program
  • Supply and install rated and non-rated timber doors
  • Supply and install of hardware
  • Supply and install sanitary fixtures

Mclarens Door Hardware


With the acquisition of McLarens Door Hardware Pty Ltd in May 2009, the existing business added decades of experience in architectural hardware supply. McLarens Door Hardware Pty Ltd provides quality advice, services and products to the Victorian market.