Does a SCEC Endorsed Locksmith need to install SCEC locks?

First of all, what is an SCEC Endorsed Locksmith and do they need to install SCEC-approved hardware?

SCEC-approved locksmiths are qualified and trained professionals in the locksmith and door hardware industries who have had further briefings on the locking requirements for Australian Government security.

As clarified in the ‘ASIO technical Notes 1/15 Physical Security Of Zones’ it is stated: “SCEC-approved locksmiths should install all SCEC-approved locking hardware”.

The term should “refers to requirements that are to be met unless there is a valid reason for an agency not to comply”.

So, in short, yes, SCEC-endorsed locksmiths should install SCEC-approved hardware.

If this is the case, why aren’t all locksmiths SCEC endorsed?

To keep it brief, it’s a process.

However, for more information, go to the scec-approved_locksmith_scheme and read the requirements for becoming an approved locksmith, which should answer your question. This policy also sheds some light on the question of why a SCEC locksmith is required to install SCEC locks.

The level of scrutiny placed on a locksmith seeking endorsement is quite high, so the desire to serve the agency’s best interests is paramount, which is why John Barnes employs multiple SCEC-approved locksmiths.

It allows us to assist with everything SCEC-related, from preparing a compliant door hardware schedule and supplying the SEEPL (Security Equipment Evaluated Products List) present door hardware to having the doors & hardware installed and certified by a locksmith who has received SCEC approval. Here at John Barnes, we pride ourselves in our position to provide SCEC services, so much so that we have endorsed locksmiths in all areas of our business, from our architectural & service managers to our training coordinator and many service technicians on the road.

So when you think SCEC, don’t second guess; think John Barnes and be sure to contact us for any SCEC queries, product information and government or defence projects.