Sinnamon Village Stage 1

Client: FK Gardner & Sons Pty Ltd
Location: Sinnamon Park QLD

During Stage 1 of this project, six distinct buildings were constructed, each comprising four levels and 36 suites. These different sectors included laundry rooms, storerooms, plant areas and a loading dock, all of which required John Barnes‘ trusted service.

Please note FKG owns and retains the copyright of these images but permits John Barnes to use as required, please credit FKG and Lucy RC Photograph.

About the Project

  • Brief

    From the very beginning of this project, we faced several challenges. First, the client requested that we supply the door hardware but not install it. As a result, there were various incorrect door hinge specifications, incorrect door frame preparations and general door hardware missing on-site. The manufacturer also reduced staff members during the project, which broke the documentation chain.

  • Solutions

    These complications left our team to review and revise the documentation as required and liaise with the client to prepare their key matrix for their master key system. We also supplied larger hinges and frame patches to rectify the mistakes and resupplied all missing hardware quickly to avoid losing any more valuable time.

  • Results

    Our ability to work with the client and remedy issues stemming from other trade scopes allowed the project to keep moving forward, for which FKG was very grateful.

Services Provided

  • Hardware Install icon Commercial Locksmithing
  • Hardware Supply icon Door Hardware Supply
  • Master Keying Supply icon High-Security Keying Systems
  • FFE Supply icon FF&E Supply