Yamanto Shopping Centre

Client: North Australian Contracting
Location: Ipswich, QLD

Yamanto Shopping Centre is set to be the next biggest community hub, offering locals an expansive centre where they can socialise, shop, relax and entertain. The development will house Coles, Kmart and a vast range of smaller retailers, an outdoor dining area accommodating up to 300 people and a brand new health and wellness precinct.

About the Project

  • Brief

    As with any staged program, timing is always an issue. In this case, frames were made, supplied and installed before finalising the door hardware. Made-to-order items that would blow out the construction window also became an issue, as did speciality river locking bars scheduled to open interior doors (these only usually work on opening exterior doors).

  • Solutions

    Due to the hastiness of the manufactured frames, we had to supply magnetic inserts and strike patches to plug holes that were prematurely cut into the frames. Unfortunately, some frames needed to be remade, but our team assisted with advising the required door hardware, so there was no further need for patches. For the river bars, we have to modify the lock’s size without compromising its integrity and arrange for weld-on strikes to suit.

  • Results

    Our network of industry relations and expansive product knowledge allowed us to find readily available alternatives to the made-to-order items, which meant the project finished on time. In addition, our ability to problem solve quickly allowed a scope increase at the last minute. Therefore, we were able to supply and install sanitary fixtures, which had previously been overlooked and missed.

Services Provided

  • Hardware Supply icon Door Hardware Supply & Installation
  • Master Keying Supply icon High-security Master Key System Supply & Installation
  • Timber Doors icon Timber Door Hanging
  • FFE Supply icon Washroom Fixtures Supply